Hero of your customer

Our declared aim is to make you shine in front of your customers. While you and your staff concentrate on your core business, MYi7 supports you in sales and service. This enables you to provide your customers with an optimal service experience.
Unique added value

Reasons for AM8ER

Immerse yourself in a world where quality, efficiency and growth go hand in hand and discover how you and your customers can celebrate success together. Here are the key benefits that await you:

Efficiency and focus

Less work with activities that are not part of your core business. This keeps your employees' concentration where it should be.

Customer loyalty

AM8ER helps your customers to decide in favor of your overall project. With our expertise and quality, you offer added value that satisfies your customers.

Attractive margins

Simply send us your leads and benefit from fair margins - both for the product itself and for licenses.

Competitive advantage

Gain a significant advantage over your competitors with our unique product.

Simple integration

AM8ER is an easy-to-integrate solution that does not require any complex support. All you have to do is hand over the leads.

Comprehensive support

Let your customers experience first-class support by having MYi7 cover sales and service for you with a qualified team.
Cooperation with MYi7

Steps to a successful partnership

As a specialist retail partner, we offer you a comprehensive service package from initial contact to support, which is provided by first-class employees.

Start of the collaboration

Collaboration with MYi7 always begins in a goal-oriented and customer-friendly manner: first, we invite potential specialist retail partners to an introductory meeting. If we recognize mutual potential, a personal appointment on site follows, in which we present our concepts and products in detail. The conclusion of the contract then lays the foundation for a successful collaboration.

Lead handover to MYi7

Following the successful conclusion of the contract and the start of customer acquisition, the collaboration with MYi7 enters a proactive phase: The specialist retail partner (FHP) begins to make end customers aware of our system. Once a potential customer is identified, the FHP forwards this lead to us in order to continue the process seamlessly and ensure that the customer receives the best possible support.

Demo date and offer

Once the specialist retail partner has forwarded the lead to MYi7, our team springs into action. A demo appointment is scheduled to show the potential customer all the details of our system. This demonstration allows end customers to experience the benefits and functions of our technology at first hand. Following the demo appointment, MYi7 will prepare a customized offer for you that is precisely tailored to the customer's needs and requirements.

Integration and service

Our experts set up AM8ER remotely so that it is seamlessly integrated into the customer's existing infrastructure. This ensures a smooth transition and efficient commissioning. But even after setup, MYi7 remains at your side. In the event of service requests or technical challenges, our support team is ready to provide direct and uncomplicated assistance.
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